Establishing a New Lawn

Preparing your patch

1. Kill any weeds.

Spray the area for your new lawn with Glyphosate weedkiller. If you are not sowing your lawn immediately, respraying after a couple of weeks will help to prevent regrowth of weeds.

2. Remove rocks and debris.

The area should be clean and finely tilled, ready for seeding.

Sowing the seed

3. Sow seed, uniformly and with a strong sowing rate.

Spread half the total amount of seed over the whole area, then repeat with the rest of the seed to ensure uniform coverage. Using a hand spreader can assist with spreading. The rate of sowing for your selected seed can be found on the product page.

Finishing it off

4. Apply fertiliser to lawn.

Turfmaster Starter fertiliser should be spread uniformly, just as the seed was.

5. Lightly rake and roll surface.

This will allow for maximum soil to seed contact, without burying the seed too deep.

wetting agent
6. Apply Wetting Agent.

Use Aquaturf MAX G Wetting Agent to ensure even wetting of soil and to hold moisture around new seedlings.

7. Water your new lawn.

Water with a fine droplet sprinkler or by hand, until very wet (but without ponding). Maintain a moist surface through the germination period by frequent light watering rather than occasional heavy watering.