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Arctotheca calendula

Capeweed is a yellow-flowered weed, now found in many regions worldwide. It’s a common weed in lawns and is known for its ability to tolerate a range of environmental conditions. Capeweed can compete with lawns for nutrients and water. It is a very hardy weed and may require multiple treatments for success.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean


Stellaria media

Chickweed is a common weed found in lawns, particularly in cool and moist conditions. It grows close to the ground, forming dense mats that can smother grass and create an unsightly appearance. Improving lawn health and density can also help to prevent chickweed infestations. Generally a pretty easy weed to control with the right product.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean

Creeping Oxalis

Oxalis corniculata

Creeping oxalis is a common perennial weed in lawns and gardens. It has a prostrate growth habit and clover-like leaves (heart shaped), and yellow flowers. It can quickly spread and form dense patches that displace grass. It’s often difficult to control with herbicides and may require follow-up treatment. Do not hand weed as this weed has bulbs.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean


Bellis perennis

Daisies are a perennial weed found in lawns, gardens, and other disturbed areas. It has small, white or pink flowers and forms leaves very close to the ground. While they can be quite pretty and aesthetically when flowering, for those that want them gone the good news is this weed is easily controlled by the right product.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean

Clustered Dock

Rumex spp.

Docks are perennial weeds that are commonly found in lawns. They have long taproots and large, lance-shaped leaves with distinct veins. They can be difficult to control with herbicides and multiple applications may be required. Physical removal of the root system of larger plants may be necessary to prevent regrowth.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean


Taraxacum officinale

Dandelions are a very common perennial weed in lawns that can spread quickly and form a taproot up to 10 inches deep. Post-emergent herbicides can also be used to control dandelions, and hand digging can be effective for small infestations but be careful to get all of the taproot or they will come back.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean


Crepis capillaris

Hawksbeard is often confused with other weeds similar to it. In the vegetative phase, it is very difficult to tell apart from dandelion. Unlike dandelion, catsear and hawkbit, hawksbeard is an annual weed or may survive into a second season to become a biennial. Can be a problem in younger lawns.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean


Hydrocotle spp.

Hydrocotyle spp., are perennial weeds that grow in damp, shady and poorly drained soils in lawns. These weeds can be difficult to control, and cultural practices like improving soil drainage and increasing mowing height can help. Repeated applications may be necessary for complete control.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean

Onehunga weed

Solvia sessilis

Onehunga is a small, low-growing annual weed that is very common in drier lawns and turf areas. Treating Onehunga early can prevent it from creating seeds and prickles that stick into barefeet. It produces seeds in spring and germinates in autumn so early control before seed is produced is important to reduce numbers the following year.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean


Paspalum spp.

Paspalum spp. are perennial grassy weeds that are common in lawns and turf areas. They have a deep root system and can be difficult to control with herbicides alone. For complete control we recommend you dig out with a shovel enusring you get all the plant parts, add some fresh soil and new seed to repair the area.

Spot treat with glyphosate, dig out and reseed the area.

Poa annua

Poa annua

Poa annua is a cool-season annual weed that is a common problem in New Zealand lawns. It can quickly form dense patches and crowd out desirable turfgrass species. Cultural practices like proper lawn maintenance and overseeding with desirable grass species can help prevent Poa annua infestations. Pre-emergent herbicides can also be effective for control, but must be applied at the right time to prevent germination. Post-emergent herbicides can be used for control, but repeated applications may be necessary.

Treat with Prolawn Etho-Pro


Veronica spp.

Speedwell is a common weed in lawns and turf areas that can form dense mats and compete with grass for nutrients and water. Cultural practices like regular mowing and improving the soil health can help increase the density of the lawn and prevent against speedwell infestations. Repeated applications may be required.

Treat with Agpro Lawnclean

White Clover

Trifolium repens

White clover is a common weed in lawns that can spread quickly and fix nitrogen in the soil, but is often considered a nuisance by some homeowners. Cultural practices like maintaining a healthy lawn and mowing at a higher height can help prevent white clover infestations. Post-emergent herbicides like 2,4-D, dicamba, and clopyralid can be effective for control, but repeated applications may be necessary.

Treat with Agpro lawnclean

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