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There are different forms of fertilisers available let’s help you choose the right one for your lawn. 

Benefits of Armyworms for Lawn

Granular Fertilisers 

Why we love them

  • Application – While spreaders are certainly recommended, a granular fertiliser can be spread by hand so it’s as simple as spread and water.
  • Amount applied – Because you’re applying a larger amount than a liquid you can literally apply months worth of nutrition in just one application.
  • Technology – Granulars don’t need to be stabilised in a bottle. So we are able to combine multiple technologies that represent different release forms of nutrients allowing for just the right growth we are after.

When to use them
Granular fertilisers can be applied 2-3 times per year. Starting in Spring to break dormancy, again around Christmas and then a final application in March.

lawn weeds

Liquid Fertilisers

Why we love them

  • Less water usage – With no need to water-in your lawn fertiliser it’s just the water in the tank that gets used.
  • More readily available nutrition – Liquids are absorbed straight through the leaf.
  • Nutrient leaching – Applying to the leaf the product offers absorption within hours, so the risk of being washed away is far less.
  • Can be mixed with other liquids for combination products – Mixing liquid lawn fertilisers with other products is a great way to get multiple jobs done.

When to use them
When you want a fast feed, instant colour and in between granular feeds to keep the lawn ticking along.

Next, you need to decide your main reason for fertilising

Establishing a new lawn?

Here the trick is getting both slow and quick release fertilisers for the right growth. The high phosphorus content in these products drive new root development, critical for new lawns.

Lawn Starter Fertiliser
Lawnganics Roots Lawn Fertiliser

Maintaining a great looking lawn?

Keeping your lawn looking good requires a balance of nitrogen and potassium, using a slow release formulation for consistent growth without a lot of extra mowing. So that’s what we made.

Pro Lawn Booster Fertiliser
Lawnganics Nourish Lawn Fertiliser

Looking to kick-start a neglected lawn?

With a lawn that needs a bit of TLC, or has the mid winter blues, we suggest adding that little bit extra with organics acids and sugars along with NPK.

All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser
Lawnganics Vitalise Lawn Fertiliser