Lawnganics Roots Lawn Fertiliser



Lawnganics Roots is a patented formulation that combines a whole host of great ingredients to drive root production in lawns.
Naturally the best lawn in the street comes from the professional products and Lawnganics is exactly that. With patented organic formulations that are used by some of the most famous sports stadiums, parks, courses and wickets across New Zealand and we are very excited to bring them to your home lawn.

LAWNGANICS ROOTS organically and biologically enriches the fertility of your lawn’s soil. The specially designed formulation builds stronger, deeper roots resulting in greener grass.

  • Builds stronger, longer roots for a thicker, lusher lawn
  • Enhances soil fertility
  • Contains seaweed for a healthier lawn
  • Brings minerals & water back to the roots for healthier grass
  • Beneficial microbes to reinvigorate soil