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A well-maintained lawn requires adequate nutrients to remain lush, green, and healthy. Granular lawn fertilisers are a popular choice for many homeowners and gardeners, as they are easy-to-use and provide a controlled release of essential nutrients over time.

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What is granular lawn fertiliser?

Granular lawn fertilisers are a type of fertiliser that come in small, uniform pellets. They are spread evenly over the lawn and can be easily applied with a fertiliser spreader. The granules are made up of a combination of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy lawns.

Benefits of granular lawn fertilisers
Controlled release of nutrients: The granular form of fertiliser allows for a controlled release of nutrients over time, providing a steady supply of essential nutrients to the lawn. This helps to promote consistent growth and prevent over-fertilisation, which can cause damage to the lawn.

Easy to apply: Granular fertilisers are easy to apply using a fertiliser spreader, making it simple for homeowners to take care of their lawns.
Cost-effective: Granular fertilisers are a cost-effective solution for lawn care. They are readily available and provide a long-lasting supply of essential nutrients to the lawn.
Improves soil structure: By providing essential nutrients, granular fertilisers help to improve the structure of the soil, making it easier for roots to penetrate and absorb nutrients.
Strengthens root system: Granular fertilisers help to strengthen the root system of the lawn, making it more resilient to stress and disease.

How to use granular lawn fertilisers
Determine the type of grass: Before applying granular fertilisers, it is important to determine the type of grass in the lawn. Different grass types have different nutrient requirements, and applying the wrong type of fertiliser can harm the lawn.
Choose the right fertiliser: Select a fertiliser that is suitable for the type of grass in the lawn and the specific needs of the lawn. Look for a fertiliser that provides a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Apply at a suitable rate for the grass type you have.
Measure the lawn: Measure the lawn to determine the amount of fertiliser needed. This can be done by measuring the square footage of the lawn or by using a fertiliser spreader.
Apply the fertiliser: Spread the fertiliser evenly over the lawn using a fertiliser spreader. Follow the instructions on the fertiliser packaging for the correct application rate.
Water the lawn: After applying the fertiliser, water the lawn thoroughly to help the granules dissolve and penetrate the soil.

In conclusion, granular lawn fertilisers are a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for lawn care. By providing essential nutrients, they help to promote healthy growth and maintain a lush, green lawn. To get the most out of granular fertilisers, it is important to choose the right fertiliser for the type of grass in the lawn and to follow the instructions.

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