We’ve supported many of New Zealand’s most famous sporting grounds.
Now it’s time to help you too.

We believe your ‘home ground’ deserves the same care as NZ’s leading sporting venues.

At LawnOnline, we’re totally obsessed with grass.

We’ve spent our entire working lives studying it, caring for it and making it stronger, greener and more lush than was ever previously imaginable.

And we’re thrilled to now bring you the secrets of our turfgrass science into your backyard.

So we’ve assembled everything you need to make yourself as proud of your home, your lawn and your yard as we’ve ever been about the professional sporting fields we service.

sow a new lawn from seed

100% Genuine Service.

100% Care and Satisfaction.

Who better to look after the great Kiwi backyard than Kiwis?

So we’ve stocked LawnOnline with the very best products that New Zealand has to offer your lawns .

Fertilisers for your every need.
Herbicides to remove weeds and insecticides to keep all the little nasties away.

Plus, the very best advice you will ever encounter from our highly experienced team of experts who are available to help you via email. 

So, your backyard will look better than you’ve ever imagined. 

Spring lawn care pack

Shop with New Zealand’s experts

You can be sure that everything we sell has been tried, tested and scientifically proven to work – and work brilliantly – in your yard.  

In fact, most of the products you’ll find within LawnOnline we’ve actually created ourselves. All have been tried and tested on New Zealand’s most hallowed sporting grounds. So, when the family play ‘Test Matches’ in the backyard during the holidays, you’ll know they’ll be sharing more than they know with their heroes.

We’ve also developed an organic range of lawn care products for you too. Named Lawnganics, they’re great for your yard and for the planet. We urge you to try them as we know you won’t be disappointed. Neither will mother nature.

Finally, if there’s anything you want to know about our products, how to use them or what we can do to solve any other problem you may have with your lawn, gardens or the plants within them – please get in touch. We’d be only too happy to help. 

Rob  Cooper – Owner & Chief Agronomist