Weed Control Pack



When it comes to weed control products there are some definite must haves. These two products have been bundled together into a great value weed control pack so you have broad spectrum weed control at your fingertips

Our Broadleaf and Poa control pack includes;
AGPRO Lawnclean is a powerful herbicide used for the control of many common broadleaf weeds in lawns. This formula is easy to apply and provides visible results in just a few days. AGPRO Lawnclean is the smart choice for keeping your lawn weed free.
Use at a rate of 30 to 45 mL per 100m2
PROLAWN Etho Pro is the ultimate weed killer solution for your lawn. Our advanced formula targets a wide range of broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, clovers, and chickweed, as well as treating common grass weeds like Poa annua and Summer grass. Our fast-acting formula quickly penetrates the weed’s roots, ensuring complete elimination. Say goodbye to weeds and hello to a healthy, lush lawn with PROLAWN Etho Pro.
Product is only safe for use on Ryegrass and Tall Fescue lawns.
Use at a rate of 40 mL per 100m2 and repeat application between 14-21 days.

Our Paspalum control pack includes:
Say goodbye to back-breaking Paspalum pulling with the Weed Wand Spot Applicator. This innovative tool allows you to target weeds with precision, applying herbicide through a sponge tip directly to the problem area, reducing the damage to your lawn. The easy-to-use wand features a comfortable grip and a lightweight design, making it perfect for extended use. Get difficult to kill weeds under control using the Weed Wand Spot Applicator, the smart choice for back-friendly weed control.
Orion Glyphosate 360, is a powerful herbicide that delivers fast and effective weed control. This concentrated formula is great for targeting unwanted vegetation, including weeds, grasses, and light brush. Orion Glyphosate 360 is easy to apply and works quickly, providing visible results in just days. Say goodbye to unwanted plants and enjoy a well-manicured garden with Orion Glyphosate 360. Perfect for spot application on Paspalum, weeds in driveways. It is viewed as a total herbicide so do not apply to any plant that you do not wish to kill.
See the label for mix instructions but many common weeds are controlled with 10ml to 1L of water.