Acelepryn GR Lawn Insecticide



ACELEPRYN - The gold standard in lawn insect control
Controls African Black Beetle, Billbugs, Lawn Armyworm and other insect pests in turf. Provides up to 6 months insect control with a fantastic safety profile making it a favourite for home lawn enthusiasts

Rate: 1.5kg per 100 square m. Treats up to 666m2

Large pack size allows for multiple applications on the average size lawn.
Resealable bag with 4 layer construction and valve allows for easy storage of any remaining product.
Small particle size (150SGN) allows it to disappear into the lawn with ease.

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1 review for Acelepryn GR Lawn Insecticide

  1. Gaz

    The description says it all, works amazingly well.

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