Tournament Blend Lawn Seed + Bird Repellent

  • 1kg - $29.50
  • 5kg - $115.00
  • 25kg - $525.00

Prolawn Tournament Blend + grass seed now available with a low toxicity bird repellent reducing seed theft by a wide range of birds including sparrows.  Tournament Blend + is a blend of premium turfgrass cultivars, dark green, new generation fine turf type ryegrasses are blended with carefully selected fine fescues. The blend contains Chewings fescue and Creeping Red fescue which are shade and drought tolerant grasses along with fine turf ryegrass varieties which have excellent wear characteristics and provide outstanding colour. Tournament Blend + will provide the best all-round lawn for appearance, maintenance and durability, our most popular seed blend now with bird repellency.

This Grass Seed is best sown at 5kg's per 100sqm

Pack Size Coverage
Tournament Blend 1kg 20sqm
Tournament Blend 5kg 100sqm
Tournament Blend 25kg 500sqm