Earthway 2600A Spreader



The Earthway 2600A spreader is a versatile and reliable lawn care tool that is designed to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn with ease. This spreader is ideal for use in small to medium-sized lawns and is packed with a range of advanced features that make it an excellent choice for homeowners and professional landscapers alike. One of the key features of the Earthway 2600A is its adjustable spread rate control. This allows you to easily regulate the amount of fertilizer, seed, or other materials being dispersed onto your lawn. The spreader has a maximum capacity of 18kg, which makes it perfect for handling a wide variety of materials.
Another important feature of the Earthway 2600A is its rust-resistant poly hopper. This hopper is designed to withstand years of use in all types of weather conditions and is easy to clean and maintain. The spreader’s handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and the large wheels make it easy to move around on uneven terrain.
In addition to its advanced features, the Earthway 2600A is also incredibly easy to use. The spreader comes with a detailed instruction manual that makes it easy to assemble and get started right away. It also has a simple and intuitive control system that can be easily adjusted on the fly.
Overall, the Earthway 2600A spreader is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient lawn care tool. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional landscaper, this spreader is sure to provide you with years of reliable service. Its adjustable spread rate control, rust-resistant poly hopper, easy-to-use design, and safety features make it one of the best spreaders on the market. With the Earthway 2600A, you can be sure that your lawn will receive the proper care and maintenance it needs to stay healthy and beautiful year after year.