Prolawn Matchplay Blend Lawn Seed 25kg



MATCHPLAY Blend Lawn Seed is the perfect solution for any lawn enthusiast seeking a lush and vibrant lawn. Specially crafted from a blend of high-quality fine turf type ryegrasses, fine fescue, and browntop seeds, this product is designed to deliver maximum performance in a range of conditions. MATCHPLAY Blend Lawn Seed is easy to use, to ensure a successful germination and growth process. Its superior durability and tolerance to extreme temperatures make it an ideal choice for sports fields, golf courses, and residential lawns.
The result is a dense, green lawn that can withstand heavy traffic and intense use, while remaining lush and healthy. So, if you want to enjoy a lawn that stands out for its beauty and resilience, look no further.
Sowing rate is 4kg to 5kg per 100sqm.