Prolawn Rustic Blend Lawn Seed



PROLAWN Rustic Blend Lawn Seed is the ultimate choice for creating a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. This unique blend is carefully formulated with a mix of premium fine fescue varieties that thrive in a range of conditions, including drought, shade, and high traffic.
With PROLAWN Rustic Blend Lawn Seed, you can achieve a naturally beautiful, super fine leafed lawn with minimal upkeep. The grass grows lush, providing an eye-catching backdrop for any outdoor space.
Easy to use, PROLAWN Rustic Blend Lawn Seed comes with simple sowing instructions to ensure successful germination and growth. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your existing lawn or create a brand new one, this versatile blend is the perfect solution.
PROLAWN Rustic Blend lawn seed is best sown at 3kg to 4kg per 100sqm.