Lawnganics Enrich Lawn Fertiliser



1-0-0 + 5%Fe + 3%Zn

Naturally the best lawn in the street comes from the professional products and Lawnganics is exactly that. With patented organic formulations that are used by some of the most famous sports stadiums, parks, courses and wickets across Australia and NZ we are very excited to bring them to your home lawn. LAWNGANICS BRILLIANCE uses 3 key greening nutrients for sustained, brilliant organically green lawns. Plus there’s added plant and root stimulants to aid in the recovery from environmental stress.

Use at 100-400ml per 100m2 in 5L of water

Features and benefits

It’s a superbrew that’s for sure, put together by some of Australia’s leading turf experts, so there’s a lot of technical stuff.
LAWNGANICS BRILLIANCE is a specially formulated liquid iron and zinc fertiliser that is:

  • Easily absorbed by the leaves to produce a deep colour without causing any burn or damage
  • Contains balanced rates of iron and zinc bring out a natural deep green colour
  • Stimulates 2 natural processes within the plant, nitrogen metabolism and chlorophyll synthesis
  • Added proprietary soil biology package technology that enhances nutrient availability, longevity and compatibility for better turf performance.
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