Prolawn SRL - Self Repairing Lawn

  • 25kg - $425.00
  • 1kg - $15.75

Prolawn SRL spreads forming a natural network of stolons creating a dense hard wearing sward.

  • SRL creates beautiful dark green sward with excellent wear properties for a great family lawn.
  • Instead of individual grass plants, as in the case of traditional lawn grasses, each SRL grass plant is linked to other plants and to the soil.
  • SRL has much less risk of being kicked up or otherwise damaged.
  • If damage occurs, Prolawn SRL’s regenerating power will immediately come into action filling in the space.
  • It does not creep into garden beds or other areas like Kikuyu grass.

    SRL Grass Seed Sowing rate is best at 2.5-3kgs per 100sqm.


    Pack Pack Coverage
    SRL 1kg 35m2
    SRL 5kg 150m2
    SRL 25kg 750m2