Rustic Blend Lawn Seed

  • 1kg - $17.25
  • 5kg - $74.75
  • 25kg - $359.38

Prolawn Rustic Blend grass seed is a blend of quality fine fescues to create a very fine leafed drought and shade tolerant lawn. Rustic is an attractive show lawn. Sowing rate is 3.5kg to 4kgs per 100sqm.

Rustic Blend Rate Used/100m2 Pack Coverage
Rustic Blend 1kg 3.5kgs 30m2
4kgs 25m2
Rustic Blend 5kg 3.5kgs 140m2
4kgs 125m2
Rustic Blend 25kg 3.5kgs 715m2
4kgs 625m2