Lawnganics VITALISE - Liquid organic lawn fertiliser

  • 5L - $159.50
  • 1L - $39.95

Liquid organic fertiliser to increase nutrient availability in soil and leaves.

  • Stress Recovery and Plant Growth
  • Lawnganics VITALISE contains kelp, humic, folvic, amino acids and sugars working together to boost soil biology and stimulate plant growth.
  • Formulated with VM3 + Organics Acids + Traces

    All lawn and garden situations. Recommended for times of stress such as summer when dry strees occurs.
    Easy to apply through home spray equipment

    For Lawns : Apply 200-400ml in 1.5 - 5L water per 100m2. Apply as needed

    For Gardens: 100ml per 10L water and apply around roots of young seedlings or mature plants. Apply as needed

    Available in 1L and 5L Containers