Kentucky Bluegrass

  • 1kg - $41.50
  • 3kg - $115.00

Kentucky Bluegrass has a rich emerald to blue-green colour. Add to that its medium to fine texture and a Kentucky Blue lawn is both beautiful to look at and comfortable for bare feet.

  • Kentucky bluegrass growth slows significantly during hot summer months. During extreme heat or extended drought, the grass will go dormant. However, it recovers quickly with irrigation and a return to normal conditions.
  • Kentucky bluegrass prefers full sun but can do well in lightly shaded areas.
  • Very tolerant of cold conditions.
  • Wise water management is essential for Kentucky bluegrass lawns. Deep, thorough irrigation helps encourage deep root growth, while shallow, frequent watering discourages it.
  • Sow at 1kg to 1.5kg per 100sqm.
Pack Size Coverage
Kentucky Bluegrass 1kg 70sqm-100sqm
Kentucky Bluegrass  3kg 200sqm - 300sqm