Lawnganics NOURISH - Liquid organic lawn fertiliser

  • 5L - $165.00
  • 1L - $42.50

Liquid organic fertiliser for soil and plant health during growing period.  

  • Lawnganics NOURISH contains kelp and humates to deliver Nitrogen and Potassium when the plant needs it.
  • Formulated with VM3 organics and added VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas)
  • Balanced NPK for consistant feeding.
  • Enhances Soil & Plant Health
  • 10 - 1 - 11 + VAM +VM3 Organics

Good to use in all lawn and garden situations.
Easy to apply through home spray equipment

For Lawns : Apply 200-400ml in 1.5 - 5L water per 100m2. Apply monthly

For Gardens: 100ml per 10L water and apply around roots of young seedlings or mature plants. Apply monthly

Available in 1L and 5L Containers