Lawnganics ROOTS - Liquid organic lawn fertiliser

  • 5L - $159.50
  • 1L - $39.95

Liquid organic fertiliser to aid root development and seed germination

  • Organic Enhancement of Soil & Plant Health
  • Lawnganics ROOTS delivers Phosphorus to stimulate root growth.
  • Formulated with VM3 organics and added VAM
  • VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas) is a beneficial symbiotic fungi that can colonise up to 80% of the lawn root mass.
  • 5 - 5 - 3 + 0.35Si + VM3 ORGANICS + VAM Natural soil health stimulants

All lawn and garden situations. Recommended for the best possible start to apply over
newly seeded areas of lawn and young seedling plants in the garden.
Easy to apply through home spray equipment

For Lawns : Apply 200-400ml in 1.5 - 5L water per 100m2. Apply monthly

For Gardens: 100ml per 10L water and apply around roots of young seedlings or mature plants. Apply monthly

Available in !L and 5L Containers