Creating a New Lawn

Your aim is to cultivate new lawn area till it is as weed free as possible and to create a uniform surface of finely tilled soil or sand with a firm base that will foot print only to about 20-25mm.


  1. Spray out the new lawn area with Glyphosate or Prolawn Green Demon organic herbicide and let die off then cultivate.
  2. Leave (if possible) for re-growth of weeds, then spray out again
  3. Finish cultivating the new lawn area, levelling and removing rocks and weed debris, leaving a clean finely tilled soil area ready for seeding.
  4. Sow seed, using a good strong rate (specific to variety used).

See Choosing the Right Seed Guide

  1. A good high seeding rate will give quick full cover with the least amount of weed invasion.

Best results are achieved if you be sure to spread the seed uniformly over your new lawn surface, either by hand or with a spreader.

SUGGESTED METHOD is to spread half the amount seed required over the whole area then repeat with the rest of the seed. This will give more uniform coverage. You can do the same thing when applying fertiliser or other granulated products.

  1. Apply Prolawn Starter fertiliser, then lightly rake surface to ensure maximum soil to seed contact without burying the seed too deep.
  2. Lightly roll surface.
  3. Apply GTi Prolawn Aquaturf MAX G to improve even wetting of soil and to hold moisture around new seedlings.
  4. Water with a fine droplet sprinkler or by hand, till very wet without ponding, so this may take several goes.
  5. Maintain a moist surface through the germination period by frequent light watering rather than occasional heavy watering.